“Today, in addition to the essential quality of the grapes, creating excellent wines requires vision, innovation and nerve.” According to Leonardo and Luca Baccarelli, this is the winning formula for enacting a solid idea of viticulture. This mantra in addition to the continuous desire to innovate and renew, make today Roccafiore an incubator of ideas: synthesis of a path that started from history and tradition, but which culminates with the definition of an idea of ​​style based on a contemporary vision of the indigenous grape varieties.

At Roccafiore we wanted from the beginning to explore an alternative typicality of the area, probing its potential through an execution based on cleanliness that don’t reduce the personality on the wines. We wanted to propose wines of great drinkability and delicacy, without seeking visibility with striking stylistic choices, but rather enhancing the freshness and elegance that today define the stylistic code. A clear idea of ​​wine, a recognizable style that does not override the typicity of the place. Indeed, it enhances it.